A headline from the sports section of our Alma Matter the MCLA Beacon.

Now, I (Mary) am of the opinion that this is a poor headline, which has sparked a debate on my friend’s Facebook on if headlines need to give you all the adequate information, or if it should be part of the entire article-package, so to speak.

What do you all think? Should the headline have told you what women, and how they’re struggling? Or is this all enough to tell you what is happening?


The New Yorker is now accepting anonymous tips from the deep web. 


  • What I want to say to my Editor: I will call them as soon as the caffeine enters my bloodstream and I am out of this post-deadline hangover where the voices of angry board members are still echoing around in my cranial cavity, OK?
  • What I really say: Yeah, I will call them in a second.
  • What I'm sure actually came out of my my mouth in between chugs of coffee and mouthfuls of donut: Mrrphgjhgmdjahhyeahwhatever.

Headline of the year.[latimes]


Headline of the year.


Our conversations on deadline day are just absolutely riveting.

Our conversations on deadline day are just absolutely riveting.

Hello followers! Mary here!

I have just made it through my first full week at a real newspaper! I am now working at the Manchester Journal in Manchester, VT.

I had a list of things that I wanted to post as advice on your first week, but I am so tired from covering a three-hour school board meeting - where their executive session lasted an hour - that I cannot remember anything I had before.

Well, except for one thing:

If you’re ever going to cover a small-town school board meeting, bring a book.

The best (and worst) media errors and corrections of 2012

That’s not to say the mistakes detailed below are minor or purely amusing; many are serious failures.

But it’s important to acknowledge the amusing and outrageous, and to collect them to help journalists avoid making the same mistakes.I also want to celebrate the correction writers who went beyond the call of duty to offer something special.

Here’s the best and most notable of 2012′s media errors and corrections.

I hope you and your colleagues never make the list.

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