Who let me write headlines?


I thought “only journalism people will get this!” But then I looked again, and I’m not so sure even they will. #journalism #editing #whowhatwhenwherewhyhow

So over on Buzzfeed they’ve got this story about IDF soldiers getting ready for conflict and Instagramming the preparations.

These are some of the strangest photographs I think I’ve ever seen, Buzzfeed calls them “surreal.”

We often talk about kids going to war, and we see the candid shots of crying soldiers happy to see their families, and the publicity photos of those same young people standing at perfect attention. But these stick with me more, because I don’t see young soldiers here. I see teenagers the way they want to be seen. Cute, silly, tough, carefree, all sorts of things. These are kids marching off to war, and they’ve got smiles on their faces.


#Newspapers aren’t dying, they’re being turned into #cat litter! :-) #instgood #catsofinstagram #journalism #statigram #webstagram #instagram #iphone #iphoneography (Taken with Instagram at Detroit)


Best New York Times lead ever? I think so. via Instagram.