Obama’s one-liners during his speech at the White House Correspondents Dinner.


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We understand why you liked this, newshour. We understand. *solidarity*


This happens a lot.
Update: This is a joke. Here’s the real thing.


This happens a lot.

Update: This is a joke. Here’s the real thing.


Boy.. Obama sure does look sad in in this picture.  He sure does seem sad about what that Appeals court ruled about the healthcare mandate.

SHAME ON YOU AP for putting these totally unrelated pictures together.

I’m pretty sure when the Appeals court did the same thing to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” you didn’t run a picture like this.. 

Awesome news Dude!

Please. PLEASE stop editorializing your content with shit like this.  you stupid fucks.  just stop doing it.


If you have children, take the time to explain to them why things like this, are a complex way of creating contrast and saying nigger without technically doing it. 

It isn’t simply the words: Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs that make it racist. Bush’s Country-Western cookout didn’t create jobs isn’t racist. It isn’t 4 black men pictured on the front page of Fox even though people like Tom Hanks were there and could have easily been included in the photo. It isn’t even the article itself. If you read it, it is a nice account of the event aside from an out of nowhere “The White House doesn’t create jobs.” quote in the middle of the article and a really shitty title. It isn’t even this “obama-parties-chris-rock-jay-z-and-whoopi-while-rome-burns” in the URL… actually that is pretty amazing. Am I the only person that caught that? 

Take time to explain to a child why the combination and context of these things can create a contrast in the brain of the reader (example). Intentional racism is easy for people to understand but, from my experience it is the unintentional and subliminal racism that is confusing for many people. Comments like “She’s pretty for a black girl” or when a security guard might not even be aware that he stares at a black teenager for even a second longer than a white teenager in a store without reason. Articles like this can further those problems. 

Be honest with them and help them to understand that it is a responsibility for them to take them time to recognize this, explain this to others and refuse to allow it.

Since you have them there, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to explain to them why this is horrible journalism even if it had no racial context at all.  

“…and through it all we’ve seen daring men and women risk their lives for the simple idea that no one should be silenced and everyone deserves to know the truth. At your best, that’s what journalism is.”

-Obama, White House Correspondents’ Dinner