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23 8 / 2011

This is a hands-on, entry-level staff position that provides research, organizational and administrative support to the media relations department at NPR. The successful candidate will have experience working or interning for a communications or media relations department, and a basic understanding of, interest in and appreciation for media and public relations practices. S/he will support all media relations staff in the successful publicity of NPR News, programming and journalists, and will gain experience creating and executing media relations practices and strategies. The candidate will conduct extensive research, brainstorm media plans, draft press releases and other communications tools, maintain the department’s database of media contacts, and provide administrative support. The position reports to the Director, Media Relations.

The ideal candidate is detail-oriented with strong writing, organizational and interpersonal skills; enthusiasm for a collaborative workplace; and, above all, a willingness to learn. S/he must also be proactive and able to see tasks through to completion; have the ability to juggle multiple, often high-pressure deadlines; and possess an interest in news and media.

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*drool* Only one more year to graduation.

24 6 / 2011


Gothamist is interested in adding long-form non-fiction features to our website. Since we’re new to this game, we’re going to dip our toes in the water slowly, by publishing a single feature next month.

How it will work: We will pay one journalist $5,000 to write a long-form non-fiction piece in the 5,000 to 15,000 word range. Subject: Something relevant to our audience of over one million 20-36 year-old readers in New York, timely but with a shelf-life longer than a week. We’re open to any topic, although we would like something that could be well-illustrated with photos or infographics.

We’ll cover the editing and production and then publish the piece to the various eBook singles platforms (Kindle, Apple, etc.) with a reasonable price: $1 to $3. Then we’ll handle advertising the piece on our NYC site. If this experiment makes a profit, we’ll share them with the writer once we’ve recouped our initial costs. Will this work? We’re not sure—but we want to find out.

(found via Susannah Breslin)