30 11 / 2012


Nate Silver took part in an Authors@Google interview/Q&A and covered a variety of topics including his book, the FiveThirtyEight blog, faulty polling, and whether pro football teams should be going for it in “4th & 2” scnearios. The whole session lasts just under an hour, but we definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a way to kill some time this afternoon.

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27 7 / 2011


Over two years ago Muck Rack launched the definitive list of journalists on Twitter. Now we’ve assembled a list of journalists on Google+ by going through the 500 most followed journalists we’ve verified on Muck Rack. It so happened 140 (an omen?) of those 500 were on Google+….

13 7 / 2011

10 7 / 2011


This is a great evolution in social media, surprisingly useful and more protective than others. We’ll have to see if we can all harness it to its potential… -Shannonmariesmith

story below, source: Gizmodo

Mat Honan —In case you were wondering if you should sign up for yet another social…

An interesting little spin on the Google+